Clam Wars #1
10.17.2020 13:00 - 17:00 (EDT)



10.17.2020 13:00 - 17:00 (EDT)
Splatoon 2


The registration is open to registred users on this platform. The registration period starts 10.04.2020 06:00 and ends 10.17.2020 12:00.

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Tournament Organizer

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Qualified for this Round:

  • seeded participants 1 - 32


Participation Requirements

  • You must be able to provide your team with at least 4 and not more than 6 players
  • All players' names must be registered. You can register them when you check in for the tournament.
  • All players of the team are obligated to access to an official "Nintendo Switch" and an official copy of "Splatoon 2" for this tournament.
  • No modified consoles and software allowed.
  • Every player needs to be able to play online with a good connection.

Maps and Modes

The tournament only contains the mode "Clam Blitz" of Splatoon 2.
You can find the maps which will be played in this tournament HERE
The final map pool will be online by October 10, 12 am GMT.
The combination of the maps and modes for each round will be provided from the organization.

Playing in the Tournament

  • Follow the instructions of the organization
  • If your match will not be streamed, a pair of the teams (which have to play against each other) host a private lobby by your own. You should use a code for that. Any kind of spectators are not allowed. Which team the lobby will host and which code you will take, the teams have to agree with each other
  • Racism, xenophobia and other types of harassment against players, organization, staff or anyone else who is involved to the tournament (including viewers / fans) are not tolerated
  • Squid bagging is NOT allowed


Teams need to end the round as fast as possible, if they hit the given time limit, the match has to be dropped, the organization decides which team takes the win.

Team incomplete

If one or more of your players are not able to join the match at a point you are allowed to play with fewer people. The other team can play with full strength and they do not have to play with a smaller team.


There are strict rules for disconnects, which you must follow, to get a rematch for the disconnect:

  • None of the counters (yours and opponent's one) has to be under 50 points.
  • You played less or exactly 2 minutes (clock is showing 3:00 or more)
  • Players immediately stop playing
Every team gets one rematch for a disconnect per tournament round.


If there are mayor lags in a game, you can request a rematch from the opponents. If you are not able to agree with your opponents about the rematch you can ask the staff for a decision.
You need to send at least 2 clips of the lag to the staff for a decision.
If the staff made a decision it's final and you have to follow. Otherwise you could get a sanction from the tournament organization.

Wrong Map / Mode

If you have chosen the wrong map (or mode) you have to report it before the game starts (Before the countdown on weapon selection screen hits 0 and the game starts).
If you are not reporting it before the start of the match you have to play on this map and mode.


Every team is obligated to check in before the tournament starts.
The check in starts once the registration closes and ends 15 minutes before the tournament is starting officially.
After the check in you will be able to see the definitive schedule.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be a "Double Elimination" tournament.
The organization can change the format depending on the number of participants.

Rematch Information

Once you have to play a rematch due to lags, disconnects or after the instructions of the organizers you have to selected the same equipment and weapon.
Also the map and mode have to be the same.