NSMBUDX - League
07.06.2020 - 09.19.2020 (EDT)



07.06.2020 - 09.19.2020 (EDT)
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe


The registration is open to registred users on this platform. The registration period starts 06.20.2020 20:00 and ends 07.05.2020 19:59.

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Regular Season

Qualified for this Round:

  • seeded participants 1 - 13

Play Offs

Qualified for this Round:

  • Rank 1 - 8 from 'Regular Season'

Play Outs

Qualified for this Round:

  • Rank 9 - 13 from 'Regular Season'


Rules for the Run

The rules are based on the rules from speedrun.com

  • The runs in the tournament are "Any% Normal" runs.
  • Beat the game, no restrictions.
  • Normal means you're allowed to use multiple characters during your run.
  • Timing starts from first input (-7.7 seconds from a 0 file).
  • Timing stops on the last hit on Bowser.
  • All runs must start from a fresh new file or 0 file. Starting from a quick save (save with a balloon) is not allowed.
  • Must be done in single player, multiplayer isn't allowed.

General Rules

  • Every runner needs an official copy (physically or digital) of the game and a offical Nintendo Switch console.
  • Any form of cheating is forbidden.
  • Winner of a game (one single Run) is the runner, who completes the game first. The number of games necessary to win the match will be determined by the organization later.
  • Breaking the rules will be punished by the organization. They're allowed to ban runners for not following the rules
  • The runners arrange the date and time of their runs with the other runners while meet the deadlines

Streaming Rules

The following requirements must be met to participate:

  • You must be able to stream your run on Twitch (in a watchable quality)(exception for other plattforms may be given by the organization)
  • In case we are unable to restream your match, you must be able to upload a recording of it (for example to YouTube)
  • In case of uploading it, the video must not be public until the organization allows you to.
  • By participating, you allow the org to use your uploaded material in connection with the tournament


  • To participate you need an account on this plattform.
  • Having submitted a run on speedrun.com is not a duty. We may use your time for seeding.
  • The exact format of the tournament will be announced by the organization after the registration has closed.
  • You have to join the Offical Tournament Discord Server